Pearly perfect oyster candles

Looking for the perfect table decoration? Do it yourself! In this blog, we inspire you to join us in making your own oyster candles. We all love to make a table setting absolutely perfect. Often there is just one special home accessory missing, that finishes your table setting. Together, we will make sure this is no longer the case during your special dinner party!

Oyster candles

Shopping list

  • Oyster shells
  • Wax
  • Stainless steel pan
  • Soapy water
  • Fuses with adhesive stickers
  • Pouring cup
  • (Paint)
  • (Brush)
Oester kaarsen

Step 1

Once you have eaten the delicious oysters, the first thing we do is select which oyster shells have the best shape. This means that the oysters can stand upright and will not tilt. Otherwise, the wax will drip out of the shell when pouring and you will end up with misshapen oyster candles!

Step 2

First we clean the selected oysters thoroughly. We do this by soaking them in a pan of boiling water and soap. This ensures that all the dirt disappears and they no longer carry a smelly sea air.

Oester kaarsen

Step 3

Au natural or in an eye-catching jacket? Decide which style is best up your street. Are you going for a natural look or do gold or silver-coloured oyster candles suit your table setting best? If you are going for a striking look, now is the time to get out your brush and paint. Paint the shell of the oyster candle in the colour you have chosen.

Step 4

The next step is to attach the wicks in the oyster shells. There are adhesive stickers attached to the wicks for this purpose. In this step, it is important to make sure you place the wicks in the centre of the oyster candles. This way you get a nice symmetrical candle.

Oester kaarsen

Step 5

Time to melt the wax in the pan and pour it into the oyster shells. Make sure you have a fine pouring cup with a spout that doesn’t leak. Slowly pour the wax into the shells so they won’t fall over unexpectedly anyway. Wait until the wax is thoroughly dry. After this, cut the wicks to the length you like, we usually cut the wicks to 1 cm.

Now you are ready to decorate your table and surprise your guests with the little works of art (oyster candles) you have created. How fun is that! Are you a little less creative yourself, but would still like a special table setting? Then contact us, or take a look at our product page, we will make sure your special evening will be unforgettable.

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